Women's Safety

Keeping our materials up-to-date and relevant is a key aim for us at Chameleon PDE. We often release free activity packs to support schools with topics and issues that are ‘hot topics’ and our latest complimentary one is on female safety, a subject on everyone’s mind at the moment. Females of all ages will be fully aware of and probably experienced sexual harassment, sexist comments and possibly even assault or rape. In a progressive country like the U.K. we are protected from the very worst examples of ill-treatment towards women and girls, however, this does not mean that we’ve reached a point where they are regarded as equals and treated with respect as a matter of course. There’s lots that can still be done to address this problem and education is just one part of the solution.

Our ‘Females and Safety’ lesson is aimed at students from 14 years and is suitable for post-16s too. We often work with students and young graduates when writing material and this pack was written by a young female graduate in Digital and Film Production who is also a freelance script-writer. She had a wealth of lived experience to draw from, both her own and that of her peers. Frequent exposure to ‘real life’ and online unwanted sexual attention has been a common event from around age 14 with only the type of situation changing with age, not the inappropriateness of behaviour. In her words ‘the sexual harassment changes but it doesn’t stop’. She also confirmed that there was very little if any PSHE dealing with this issue when she was at school.

We find that involving students and young people in the development of our resources makes them so much more relevant in the classroom and the feedback from teachers and students is confirming this.

It is fair to say that this particular activity pack is very female focused, however, we have worked hard to ensure that male students are not alienated or stigmatised by the content and acknowledge that males are another important part of the solution when it comes to women's safety. We would hope that this pack is as relevant in an “all boys’” school as it is in any other setting and would love feedback from schools as to whether they found the materials informative and effective. We are fully aware of the peer pressure surrounding male behaviour and how difficult it is for them to be an ‘upstander’ but hopefully, through consistent, relevant and up-to-date Personal Development Education we will get closer to the point where females feel equal to and respected by their male peers and feel safer as a result.

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