Year Group Bundle Ages 16-17 (Y12/S5)

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This resource bundle contains the resource library for materials aimed at pupils aged 16-17.

Compliant with the PSHE Association programme of study. Suitable for S5 students in Scotland.

Activity packs contain a minimum of 2 hours worth of activity choices each, giving you hours of teaching materials to choose from our pack library. Activity packs contain detailed teaching notes, fully editable PowerPoint presentations, templates, scenarios and games to support activities, optional homework, home learning resources and challenge activities for more able students/extension work.

This puts you in the driving seat so you can build and tailor your PSHE programme to meet student need and your timetable.

To ensure resources are current and up-to-the minute we are taking a dynamic approach and release new materials across the course of an academic year and the packs that are available to download now are shown below. Our scheme of work overview which is available to download for free (as long as you have created a free account with us), shows what you'll receive as our minimum resource promise to you, and we won't ask you to re-subscribe until we have guaranteed this minimum content for the package you have purchased.

If you choose to stay with us once you have received our resource promise, you can re-subscribe for just £50 per annum to retain access to the resources library (that we keep up to date), and any new activity packs we produce for this year group.

Note: We have selected some of our activity packs that could be taught across KS5 (S5-S6) to be included in this bundle as we feel they would be appropriate for Y11 / S5 students. Should you wish to buy the Year Group Bundle for Y13 / S6 separately you will get different resources so can be assured materials are not duplicated. However, if you wish to do this it is more cost effective to buy our Complete Programme or Age Range bundles- so please check these out.

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