Home Learning Lessons (that won't upset the parents) in all our resource packs

When we were writing our resources to support schools deliver lessons to address the Covid-19 pandemic we thought they would be a fairly short-term materials, used for a few weeks or perhaps a term. The reality is that we have already up-dated our original resource as it is clear that schools need these resources as the pandemic continues to remain. This very much influenced decisions regarding our general personal development resources and we have incorporated a “home learning” worksheet into our premium resource packs. These worksheets capture the essence of the lesson, set tasks and usually include some research, all on one A4 sheet that can be sent electronically to students. We have strived to ensure that the content is age-appropriate to limit any concerns from parents. As you know the nature of some topics covered in PSHE/Health and wellbeing can be sensitive and/or controversial and need to be covered in the classroom by you – the experts!

The purpose of our “home learning” worksheets is to make sure that there's a way to easily provide independent learning for students if for any reason they are not in school for a session. With the ongoing uncertainty as a result of Covid-19, partial or full school closures this could be a very useful set of resources for teachers who are in no doubt under immense pressure to prepare online resources in their specialist subject areas. What better way to show you are taking PSHE/health and wellbeing seriously and providing students with the support they need in these difficult times?

Have a look at our sample materials that are free to download now, including samples of “home learning” worksheets. If you decide to sign up to our premium resource packages you will be able to take advantage of our introductory price of just £199+VAT per age range. (11-14 years, 14-16 year, 16-18 years). These prices will be held until 31/12/20.

Our Recovery 2020 Covid-19 packs are still available free for those signing up to our premium packages or can be purchased for a small fee.