LGBT+ in the UK - what progress looks like

If like us you grew up in the 1980’s you will recall some great music, not so great hair styles and another global pandemic caused by a clever virus. This is now part of our social history and if anyone has been watching Channel 4’s “It’s a sin”, you will have been taken back to the challenges not only of understanding and managing a virus, but also the difficulties faced by gay men at a time when there was still enormous prejudice towards this group. Thankfully, progress has been made, most notably with the inclusion of sexuality as a protected characteristic in The Equality Act 2010. Nonetheless, LGBT+ people still face abuse and bullying, are more likely to suffer from mental health problems and feelings of being marginalised.

This month is LGBT+ history month and we know many schools will be delivering lessons in this important area. Our premium subscribers have access to a comprehensive, engaging and thought-provoking lesson pack that is suitable for home learning. There is a free activity from the pack available on TES and the full lesson pack can be purchased there too for those not signed up to our premier products.

Chameleon PDE is committed to weaving the knowledge, skills and attitudes young people need to become caring, inclusive and law-abiding citizens throughout our materials. We have come a long way in the UK towards a fairer more equal society, but there is still a way to go and it is the next generation that will lead us there with our support.