Chameleon PDE Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to use the resources in the order they are presented on the list?

A: No, you can use the resources in any order. We've grouped key themes together for ease of navigation, but how you use the resource is entirely up to you.

Q: How is survey data returned to schools??

A: You will receive a pack that includes your collated data in an easy to interpret word report together with a guidance document and a suggested template for publishing headline data. If you want additional analysis and reporting we can provide this too. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will provide a quote for you.

Q: Have lessons and activities been differentiated?

A: Each lesson is split into a number of different activities ranging in time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. In total there's around 120 minutes of activities for you to choose from. Some of the activities are more or less complex allowing for differentiation. In every lesson there is a "challenge" activity for more able students that is more abstract in design. We strongly believe that only teachers who know their students well can effectively differentiate the materials, however, we've aimed to provide you with enough choice and flexibility to support you with effective differentiation.

Q: We have our own resources and some regular visitors who deliver aspects of health and wellbeing, can we still use them if we buy your resource?

A: Yes, of course. The flexible nature of our resources means you can easily mix and match materials with your own resources. External visitors can also be a welcome and interesting addition to your programme. We want teachers and schools to confidently build the programme that is of the most benefit to your students. By providing a solid, up-to-date and constantly evolving structure you will have an effective, strong foundation from which to build a bespoke programme for your school.

Q: Do you have anything we can use to consult with students??

A: Yes, our online, anonymous 'How Are You?' survey is an effective tool you can use to collect students attitudes, perceptions, views and behaviour. The survey provides in-depth insight across the whole school and quick and easy to deploy. We send you a report with collected data.

Q: Does the programme only cover statutory parts of PSHE?

A: No, the statutory guidance that English state schools are required to have fully implemented by summer term 2021 focus on a knowledge-based approach to some key areas; relationships education, sex education and health education. This is all covered thoroughly within Chameleon PDE's resources, in addition there are many opportunities to develop skills, explore values and also investigate some of the wider issues associated with personal development, for example, goal setting, career options, environmental issues, growth mindset, managing money, strategies to support mental health to name but a few.

Q: Have you included assessment or progression as part of the materials?

A: Yes, we have provided opportunities in every lesson for reflection and assessment tasks, There is a "student profile" template and other optional assessment proformas that can be used for students to record their learning and reflections as they progress through the programme. This will provide a good evidence base of what has been covered in the class, but more importantly allow students to see the areas where they are gaining a good level of knowledge and skills development and the areas where they might need a bit more focus and practice.

Q: Am I able to adapt the resources to the needs of my students?

A: One of the key aims of Chameleon PDE is to provide you with a flexible resource. All PowerPoint slides are fully editable and the lesson plan has space for your own notes. Throughout lesson plans we suggest adaptations and modifications you may wish to consider to make the materials as relevant as possible to your students.

Q: Do your resources meet the new statutory guidelines for English state schools?

A: Yes, you will see that every lesson is cross-referenced to the curricula of the 4 UK nations. This includes Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE). If you use our resources to deliver lessons you will cover the statutory guidelines.

Q: Are the materials mainly aimed at English schools?

A: The programme is written in English and aligned to the guidance set bu the 4 UK nations and focuses strongly on personal development. We did not write the programme to any one curricula and instead aimed to produce a comprehensive personal development resources that incorporated the requirements of all four home nations. International schools that broadly follow a UK curriculum would equally find the resources suitable. The flexible nature of the materials allows schools to choose lessons that are most relevant to their unique settings.

Q: Do I need to be a premier subscriber to access the 'How are you?' survey??

A: Our premier subscribers have the survey included with their license. If you have not purchased a license you can buy the survey separately.

Q: Can I add our own questions to the 'How Are You?' survey?

A: Yes, we offer a 'bespoke' service, get in touch to discuss your needs.

Q: What happens if the statutrory expectations of the curriculum change?

A: We know that the UK curricula rarely remain static for very long and new expectations around personal development education are often brought in, frequently in response to national agendas. This is why Chameleon PDE offers a subscription model that ensures we can remain current and up-to-date with any statutory changes.

Q: Do you have resources available for primary schools or SEND settings?

A: We are currently developing resources specifically for SEND and primary settings. We will certainly consider the feasibility of developing a full primary scheme of work if there is sufficient demand.

Q: My school delivers PSHE through tutor time and "off timetable" days, will the materials enable me to meet statutory requirements within this system?

A: This type of delivery model can be more challenging, however, the flexibility that is an integral part of Chameleon PDE's resources means that you can plan your programme no matter whatever timetabling constraints you are under. It may mean that you have to be quite selective about what is covered to ensure statutory requirements are met and also task students with completing homework (which is an optional element built into every Chameleon PDE lesson) in order to build evidence of learning. It is much easier for teachers and beneficial for students to have regular, timetabled lessons, but we do appreciate that this can be challenging for some schools.


Q: I'm a new teacher and haven't delivered this type of content before, is there anything to help me?

A: The lesson plans that accompany each lesson will suggest ways to manage/deliver each activity. We also have online training available to build confidence and increase knowledge of teachers. The subject, by nature, is fast-changing so everyone is always learning new things (including us at Chameleon PDE!). We will do our best to keep teachers supported through regular lesson updates, information on our blog, training modules (some are free) so you can be confident that you are as up-to-date as you can be when it comes to personal development/PSHE/health and wellbeing lessons.

Q: Is there anything included to support planning?

A: There are a range of supporting documents that will help you plan, monitor and evidence the programme you are delivering. We also have online training available (some is free), that supports subject leads and classroom teachers with the planning, delivery and rationale behind effective personal development/PSHE/health and wellbeing lessons.

Q: Am I able to purchase training modules as an individual or do I need to go through my school?

A: We would hope that schools are prepared to invest in staff training, particularly as our training is very competitively priced. However, if this is not possible we are happy to provide training modules for individuals and you would be invoiced for your subscription.

Q: Are the training modules recognised qualifications?

A: Our subject lead and classroom teacher training is accredited CPD that will count towards the CPD training hours that you are expected to complete. There are currently very few recognised qualifications available in this area, however, this may be changing. We would expect our training modules to be recognised as a good foundation for any teacher working towards Masters level qualifications in education. Chameleon PDE has worked (and continues to work) in the university sector and strive to provide training that is both pragmatic and academically rigorous.

Q: Is there any training available around the 'How Are You?' survey??

A: Have a look at the downloadable brochure on our website. Deploying the survey is very easy. If you want support with interpreting the data we can provide a short consultation. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to help.

Q: How will I know if we are fully prepared for an inspection in this curriculum area?

A: If you are effectively delivering the programme and taking a "whole-school" approach it is likely that you will be meeting inspection expectations. Your subject lead should be full aware of inspection requirements and share this with the team delivering the programme. Our subject lead training delves into this area in much more detail and includes preparation for Ofsted deep dive inspections.

Q: Is any training included if my school buys your resource?

A: Yes, we are building up a bank of free training modules to help you get started with the resources, plan a programme, use the sections of the lesson and look at how assessment and progression works.

Q: Do you have more in-depth training available?

A: We will be launching our CPD accredited courses. One is for PSHE/Health and Wellbeing subject leads (Guidance leads in Scotland) and focuses on the management, oversight, inspection, planning and staff CPD that their role is likely to require. The other course is for class teachers delivering PSHE/Health and wellbeing and is more focused on subject knowledge, teaching and learning styles and the rationale behind the subject. Both courses will be available online to schools and arranged in bite-sized chunks that teachers can dip into when they have time to do so.

Q: I'm a subject lead, does the training cover all the staff CPD we need?

A: Yes, our "PSHE/Health and wellbeing in the classroom" online course provides an in-depth look at classroom practice in delivering this subject. This will give your staff comprehensive training, far more than could ever be delivered in twilight training or INSET.

Q: If my school subscribes to the online training how many staff can complete it?

A: For one payment of £199+VAT (primary) and £299+VAT (secondary), all of your staff can access and complete the “PSHE/Health and wellbeing in the classroom” training. The subject lead training is available for up to 5 members of your staff for £199+VAT.

Q: Is there training available for SEND settings?

A: Chameleon are currently producing a SEND scheme of work and integral training for SEND staff will be a part of that programme when released. Please sign up to receive notifications on the progress of our SEND resources.

Q: How long does it take to complete the training modules?

A: Each module is split into assignments of between 20-minutes to 1 hour in duration. The assignments can be completed over the course of an academic year. They are designed for teachers to complete in bite-sized chunks and not be over-whelming. More modules will also be added over time allowing staff to delve deeper into areas that interest them, or to meet the needs of their students.

Q: Is the training only available for secondary schools?

A: No, there are primary and secondary versions of the training courses available.

Q: Do the training modules provide me with any resources I can use in school?

A: Yes. There are downloadable documents and PowerPoints that you can keep for future reference or use with staff if you are delivering training to your team.

Q: Are there any tests or exams in the training?

A: There are a range of opportunities within the training to test your knowledge and understanding, reflect on learning, make notes etc. You are able to review any on-line quizzes you complete. There are no formal assignments or tests.

Q: Do I get any evidence to show that I have completed training?

A: Yes, there are downloadable certificates to show completion of each assignment within a training module/course.

Q: Does my school need to be using your teaching resources in order for me to access the training?

A: No, the training modules can "stand alone" and would support any PSHE/Health and Wellbeing delivery, irrespective of the resources you are using in school.

Q: How much training is available free of charge?

A: Some free training is included within our resources and we also have some sample training available that you can try out. This training provides an insight to our more in-depth courses and ranges from how to use some of our resources to effective consultation with parents.

Admin and Subscription

Q: How much do the teaching resources cost?

A: The prices for access to the secondary PSHE resource library range from £125 plus VAT to £985 plus VAT depending on the year groups purchased. Details can be found on the resources pages of this website. For primary, our Chameleon Compass secondary transition library can be purchased for £99 plus VAT.

Q: How long does my subscription last?

A: Your subscription is live for 12 months from the date you subscribe. You will then have the option to re-subscribe for a further 12 months. (See terms and conditions for full details).

Q: I am part of an academy trust, can we purchase subscriptions for all of our schools through one order?

A: Please contact us and will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Q: If I move school can I take the subscription with me?

A: If you have paid for the subscription as an individual you can use it in any school. However, if the school has paid on your behalf, it remains with them if you leave. You will be able to download training certificates for assignments you have completed.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with the resources?

A: You can contact us at: and we will endeavour to rectify any problem.

Q: What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

A: Let us know and we will cancel it for you, as long as you have not downloaded the resources or completed any training. (See terms and conditions for full details).

Q: How do I pay for online resources and/or training?

A: Sign-up to the website is free and will give you immediate access to any free materials. If you wish to purchase resources / training you can subscribe on the website. You will gain immediate access and an invoice will be sent to your school. If your school does not pay the invoice within 30 days your subscription will end with immediate effect. If you have downloaded any of the resources and training that are ‘paid for’ materials, your school will need to pay the annual subscription. (See our terms and conditions for full details).

Q: I work for a local authority and would be interested in supporting my schools with purchasing subscriptions, is this possible?

A: Yes, we already work with local authorities and are happy to support you with this. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Q: If I download the resources can I then use them for as long as I want to without re-subscribing?

A: Yes. You will be able to download all the resources over the course of your annual subscription. We regularly update and add to our resource bank and all materials can be downloaded, edited and used as you wish. At the end of your subscription period, (if you choose not to re-subscribe) you can use the resources, however, would no longer have access to new and updated materials. You will still receive any free products that are available on our website.

Q: If I need an extra month or two to complete training do I need to purchase a full year's subscription?

A: Your subscription will renew automatically and you will see on your 'Dashboard' when it is due to expire. Subscriptions are annual and cannot be broken down into months. Remember that allowing your subscription to continue will give you access to new modules that you wouldn't have taken.

Q: I've forgotten my password?

A: There is a password reset option on the login page. Remember to look in junk / spam email for any confirmation emails.

Q: How do I add users to my account so other staff can access the resources or training?

A: For premium resources and training, you can set up 'subordinate users' by logging in to your dashboard and creating accounts for them from there. Staff will receive an email automatically generated when you set them up as a user and they will need to confirm their account from this email. Remind them to look in spam/junk in case the email gets filtered.

Q: I'm having problems getting my account confirmed?

A: Unfortunately due to nature of Chameleon PDE our website, training and materials refer to words that are often filtered by school IT systems (e.g. sex, drugs). If you have not received a confirmation email it's likely that it will be in your junk or spam email folder. If it's not in there, then the school has filtered it and has not been passed on to your school email account. In which case see your IT technician and explain they will need to 'white label' or approve emails from us. You can ask for a new confirmation email and password reset on the login page. If everything we suggest hasn't worked please contact us at