Ages 12-13 Resources : Anxiety and depression

Ages 12-13 : Anxiety and depression

This pack introduces students to generalised anxiety disorder and depression as common mental health issues within the population and helps them understand these are different from short-term periods of low-mood / stress. Activities include:

Understanding generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
Low mood or depression
Panic attacks and how to manage them
Know your rights
Music and mood
Apps for emotional health

There is a minimum of 120 minutes of activity suggestions to use, that are accompanied by fully editable PowerPoint slides and all the resources needed to teach the activities. There is also an appropriate home learning resource for pupils working remotely.

This resource includes the following files:
  • Ages 12-13 Anxiety & depression V2 March 21
Lesson plans are flexible allowing for differentiation and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations can be edited according to your needs.
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