Are you looking for resources about self-employment for your careers or PSHE teaching programme?

Ages 13-14 : Self-employment options

This pack covers a range of self-employment options with a focus on employability skills. The advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed is also included. The pack is mapped to Gatsby benchmarks 2, 3 and 4 as well as the PSHE Association Framework (Programme of study).

This pack contains the following activities:

  • What does being self-employed mean?
  • Employed vs Self-employed
  • Employed job or self-employed job?
  • Skills for the self-employed
  • Different jobs- different skills
  • Self-employment case studies
  • Pack a bag (employability skills, attitudes and values)

This resource includes the following files:
  • Ages 13-14 Self-employment options V2 Aug 21
Lesson plans are flexible allowing for differentiation and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations can be edited according to your needs.
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