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Ages 16-18 : Managing emergency situations

This pack has activities that concentrate on personal safety using a range of scenarios that students this age could experience. The pack takes a harm-reduction approach as some students may already be experimenting with risky behaviour. The solution focused tasks allow pupils to discuss strategies for staying safe, and also what to do in various 'emergency' situations. This pack contains the following activities:

  • Let's go out (personal safety considerations before a night out with friends)
  • Facts and figures (discussion around personal safety stats)
  • Who's more at risk?
  • Degrees of risk
  • The influencer effect (influences on problematic and risky behaviours)
  • Making it worse (scenario task)
  • Personal safety ideas swap

This resource includes the following files:
  • Ages 16-18 Managing emergency situations V3 April 22
Lesson plans are flexible allowing for differentiation and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations can be edited according to your needs.
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