How can you de-construct the toxic messages of misogynistic online inluencers?

Misogyny, causes and consequences - social influencer video

Help students understand the manipulative messaging used by online influencers to spread misogyny. This 'spoof' video will help facilitate the de-construction of this rhetoric and help students build the skills to help them become more discerning when faced with controversial online content. NOTE: This is a 'SPOOF' video we have created, the organisation is fictional and the video does not exist outside of Chameleon PDE content. Do not share it.

This resource includes the following files:
  • Age 11-14 Misogyny, causes and consequences SPOOF video v1
This 'spoof' video is designed to be used with the Age 11-14 Misogyny, causes and consequences lesson pack, however, could also be used with any lessons looking at misogyny and girls/women's safety. However, given the sensitivity of this topic please read the additional teacher notes included with the misogyny pack to support effective, best practice facilitation.
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