Chameleon PDE





We understand that PSHE budgets can be tight so we offer discounts for our two and three year licences. This saves you between 25% and 33% off the annual renewal price.

Our pricing is much more competitive than most other PSHE providers and we offer you so much more with our ‘wrap-around’ support.


1-year licence 2-year licence Saving 3-year licence Saving
PSHE Programme for Schools (Ages 11-14) £650.00 per year £487.50 per year 25% £435.50 per year 33%
PSHE Programme for Schools (Ages 11-16) £870.00 per year £652.50 per year 25% £582.90 per year 33%
PSHE Programme for Schools ( Ages 11-18) £985.00 per year £738.75 per year 25% £659.95 per year 33%
PSHE Programme for Schools (Ages 14-16) £360.00 per year £270.00 per year 25% £241.20 per year 33%
PSHE Programme for Schools (Ages 16-18) £360.00 per year £270.00 per year 25% £241.20 per year 33%
Scotland S1/S2 Health & wellbeing resource library £430.00 per year £322.50 per year 25% £288.10 per year 33%
Prices are for annual subscription. All prices subject to VAT at 20%


We write our own materials so why would we use Chameleon?

Your school is exactly the type of school that benefits from a Chameleon PDE subscription. Our editable resources are a collection of activities that you can bring together into a unique programme for your setting. Rather than spend 100s of hours writing from scratch, we’ve done the work for you. If you also use the ‘How Are You?’ survey which is included in the subscription, you will gain a deeper insight into the needs of your students so can tailor your programme even further. The training we include also up-skills your team across a range of PSHE themes and topics. We offer far more than resources!

Are we tied in to a 2, or 3 year licence?

Our Ts & Cs state that if you enter a discounted contract with us where the licence runs over more than one academic year, you are agreeing to pay the annual amount stated for each year of the contract. This is still the case if you cancel early.

Do you discount for small schools and MATs?

We are confident that our ‘wrap around’ support offers excellent value for money, however, understand that budgets are under more pressure than ever. We offer a saving of up to 33% depending on which licence you choose. We are always happy to speak to small schools and multi-academy trusts to discuss a license that will make your budget stretch as far as possible.

Why should we renew each year?

The Chameleon PDE subscription includes the licence to use our copyrighted materials. Schools/colleges must have an active subscription to continue using the resources. There are also additional benefits to renewing your subscription: 

  • Access to updated (and new teaching packs) - we do the updating saving you hours of time

  • Access to new training for you and your staff via our CPD gateway

  • Annual use of the ‘How Are You?’ survey portal, data analysis and reporting to baseline and track student behaviour change and views on your PSHE curriculum

  • Access to any new features we add for Chameleon PDE partner schools (e.g., we have recently added parent portals)

  • One-to-one support from the Chameleon PDE team