Chameleon PDE partner schools who have purchased Chameleon Navigate or Venture already have access to the ‘How Are You?’ survey portal as part of their subscription.

We recognise that some schools will have their base PSHE programme already in place, but perhaps do not have the student voice element they need to evaluate and monitor the impact of their curriculum.

To meet these needs we offer a ‘survey only’ subscription.


There are 4 versions of the survey available differentiated by age.

You will receive:

  • Up to 3 survey link/s to share with students
  • Deployment instructions and a parent/carer letter template
  • Analysis and the final data report
  • Comparative data to benchmark your results against the amalgamated sample from across the UK and internationally
  • Templates for sharing results with students, staff, parents, SLT
  • Access to our additional ‘polls and questionnaires’ portal to run in your setting

Survey Results Graph
Survey Question Example


£425 for an annual licence


How much time does the survey take?

Average completion time is around 11 minutes, but may be longer if students require support with reading.

What sort of questions are asked?

The survey has 3 types of questions: Health-related and risk-taking/exploratory behaviour; Perceptions of the health-related, risk-taking/exploratory behaviours of their peer group; Views on PSHE. Thematically, the questions address common PSHE topics such as mental health, substance education, relationships and sex education, and also collects information relevant to your safeguarding provision.

Do we need to be 'techy'?

No. We provide you with survey links to share with students. The survey can be completed on any device. We complete all the analysis and provide you with reports.

Is the survey GDPR compliant?

Yes. Neither you or us can identify individual students. The survey is held on a UK platform that is GDPR compliant.

Can students complete the survey at home?

You will get the best possible response rate if the survey is completed in school/college. We strongly recommend that survey links are NOT sent home for students to complete in their own time. A survey link cannot be reopened if a student has partially completed.

Can we change the survey questions?

We collect anonymised responses from all our partner schools who run the survey. This means we are able to provide comparative data allowing schools to see where they sit compared to the ‘average’ amalgamated results. We cannot add, remove or change questions to the existing ‘How Are You?’ surveys. If you wish to run a bespoke survey with your students we can provide this. Please get in touch to discuss pricing.

Can we show parents the questions?

We can provide you with a link to the questions in advance (and before you make a choice to buy a subscription). Chameleon partner schools are also given copies of the questions in PDF format. 

Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from the survey, and we provide a ‘letter template’ you can adapt. 

If parents wish to see the questions we can provide you with a link. This contains a parental agreement stating the link is for their own use and any part of the survey should not be shared with others. This protects our intellectual property and also avoids survey questions being posted on social media or misrepresented in any way.