Flexible Surveys

Chameleon Partner school subscribers have access to our comprehensive ‘How Are You?’ survey service.

Currently, this takes the form of 3 simple steps

  1. Schools let us know the year groups they want to survey
  2. We send a link to deploy the survey
  3. Schools confirm when the surveys have been completed and we send a report

Most of our subscribers have taken advantage of this unique and powerful

  1. Provides insights to student perceptions, health behaviour and views on PSHE
  2. Allows you to ‘bespoke’ your programme to student needs
  3. Provides excellent evidence of student consultation for inspection
  4. Highlights the positive choices most students make – great for ‘good news’ stories

Due to the popularity of this survey, we have been working hard to make the process even quicker and easier for busy teachers.

We will soon be launching a new version with some great new features

  • Instant access from your dashboard
  • Real time reporting of data
  • And much more

In the meantime, the current ‘How Are You?’ survey system will continue, and we will keep you updated on when the new version is available.