Chameleon PDE


We understand you will want to try out Chameleon PDE resources before you become a partner.

Click on the links below to download some sample activities.


Vaping and Tobacco, what you need to know.

Find out what your students know and don't know about vaping and tobacco use. This sample pack provides a range of activities to assess knowledge, challenge misperceptions and encourage discussion within a safe learning environment. Teacher notes included to support effective facilitation.

Age : 11-14 Healthy & unhealthy relationships. Friendship changes

Help your students  explore and recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships. This pack includes a range of interactive activities to encourage discussion, develop knowledge and address values.

Age: 15-18 Managing Exam Stress

Exams and the lead up to them can be a time when students feel under increasing stress. This sample pack includes material to help students manage these emotions and feel more in control during what is a stressful time.