What do my students need to know about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and sexual health?

Ages 16-18 : Sexual health and STIs

This pack progresses from the themes and activities that are in a 13-14 years lesson pack on STIs, however, it is worth re-visiting this topic when students are at a stage where the information may be more relevant to them, and also to recap knowledge. Some additional information and new activities have been added to adapt the pack for a more mature group. This pack does not cover sexual health in terms of reproductive health or cancer prevention, which are covered elsewhere in the Chameleon PDE resource library.

This pack contains the following activities:

  • What do you know about STIs?
  • Most common STIs
  • What is sexual health- a definition?
  • STIs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
  • Sexual health- reducing the risks
  • Sexual health scenarios
  • Chlamydia - stopping the spread

Ages 16-18 : Sexual health and STIs
This resource includes the following files:
  • Ages 16-18 Sexual health and STIs V2 Aug 21
Lesson plans are flexible allowing for differentiation and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations can be edited according to your needs.
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