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“Our vision for PSHE at Garden International School is a bespoke, progressive package that runs through the school. Chameleon allows us to do this by providing a huge resource bank of clear, well-thought-out resources, planned by experts. The key features that led us to choose Chameleon were the student survey and the editability of the resources. The survey results have given us insights into our students' experiences that we have used to create a bespoke PSHE curriculum, responsive to their needs. The editability of resources means we can adapt lessons to fit the unique context of our school. We are delighted to be part of both the staff and student Advisory Groups and have already been impressed with the responsiveness we have received from Chameleon PDE in adapting systems for international schools and considering resources specialised for international contexts.”

Catherina, Assistant Headteacher,
Garden International School, Malaysia


We understand that PSHE budgets can be tight so we offer discounts for our two and three year licences. This saves you between 25% and 33% off the annual renewal price.

Our pricing is much more competitive than most other PSHE providers and we offer you so much more with our ‘wrap-around’ support.


1-year licence 2-year licence Saving 3-year licence Saving
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS Personal development programme (Ages 11-16) £915.00 per year £686.25 per year 25% £613.05 per year 33%
INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS Personal development programme (Ages 11-18) £1035.00 per year £776.25 per year 25% £693.45 per year 33%
Prices are for annual subscription. No VAT is applicable


Can we change the questions in the 'How Are You?' survey?

Most of the questions in the survey are applicable to all students wherever they are studying. However, we do recognise there may be some cultural sensitivities in some international schools. Students can skip questions in the survey, and we also have a version with the ‘sensitive questions’ removed.

Our current international school partners have been able to use the survey without adaptation, however, if you would like a ‘bespoke’ survey designed for your setting, get in touch for an initial discussion and pricing.

How are local time differences catered for in your training?

All of our live webinars can be accessed online via our CPD gateway, either as recordings or online modules, so it’s easy for international schools to access the training whatever world time zone they are in.

Are your resources UK centric?

We already work with international schools who have diverse needs and Chameleon PDE resources provide the flexibility and choice they require to provide high quality PSHE lessons. 

Most of our PSHE library packs are generic so can be used internationally. Where there are specific U.K. references e.g., to UK legislation, we have suggestions in the teacher notes about how this information can still be useful, for example by comparing and contrasting UK laws with legislation relevant to the country where the international school is located. 

Many international students wish to study in UK universities so an understanding of British society, culture and law will help them to prepare for study abroad.

As our resources are in a library, rather than a set programme, and are editable, they are easily adapted to suit local context.

Why should we renew each year?

The Chameleon PDE subscription includes the licence to use our copyrighted materials. Schools/colleges must have an active subscription to continue using the resources. There are also additional benefits to renewing your subscription: 

  • Access to updated (and new teaching packs) - we do the updating saving you hours of time

  • Access to new training for you and your staff via our CPD gateway

  • Annual use of the ‘How Are You?’ survey portal, data analysis and reporting to baseline and track student behaviour change and views on your PSHE curriculum 

  • Access to any new features we add for Chameleon PDE partner schools (e.g., we have recently added parent portals)

  • One-to-one support from the Chameleon PDE team