PSHE Resources for International Schools

Our award winning resources offer you:

  • Flexibility, you are in the driving seat and can plan learning that is age appropriate which matches your students’ needs and the unique context of your setting.
  • Hours of saved planning time
  • Progression of knowledge and skills
  • Adaptability to any timetable
  • Editable content
  • A continual update policy
  • Comprehensive teacher notes
  • Our unique How Are You? pupil survey
“Our vision for PSHE at Garden International School is a bespoke, progressive package that runs through the school. Chameleon allows us to do this by providing a huge resource bank of clear, well-thought-out resources, planned by experts. The key features that led us to choose Chameleon were the student survey and the editability of the resources. The survey results have given us insights into our students' experiences that we have used to create a bespoke PSHE curriculum, responsive to their needs. The editability of resources means we can adapt lessons to fit the unique context of our school. We are delighted to be part of both the staff and student Advisory Groups and have already been impressed with the responsiveness we have received from Angela and Richard in adapting systems for international schools and considering resources specialised for international contexts.”
Catherina Carragher, Assistant Headteacher, Garden International School, Malaysia

Premium subscriptions renew every 12 months.
With our 1 year rolling plan you receive a 50% loyalty discount on renewal
We also have 2 or 3 year fixed term plans if that better suits your budgeting.

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Premium International School Resource Libraries:

Annual Cost
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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS Personal development programme (Ages 11-16)

Our complete package for pupils aged 11-16.
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year 1 £915.00
thereafter £457.50
£686.25 £610.03

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS Personal development programme (Ages 11-18)

Our complete package for students aged 11-18
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year 1 £1035.00
thereafter £517.50
£776.25 £690.03