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The UK Nitrous Oxide Ban - What Teachers Need To Know.

Legislation in the UK changed on 8 November 2o23, banning nitrous oxide possession and labelling it as a Class C drug. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is the third most used drug among 16-24 year olds in England. Read more to find out what teachers need to know about this change to the law.

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5 common teacher concerns about about the RSHE review

Relationships and sex education seems to be rarely out of newspaper headlines at the moment due to the imminent DfE review of statutory content. Welsh schools are also grappling with a new guidance, and international schools that follow a broadly UK curriculum will undoubtedly be looking towards the UK to take a steer on their student Personal Development Education curriculum. The uncertainty around the DfE review is leaving busy teachers wondering where to turn to make sure their resources and staff CPD offer remain relevant when the new guidance is released in the Autumn.

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Ten things students DON’T want in their PSHE lessons

Relationships, sex, and health education may have been statutory in English state schools since 2020 but students are not always impressed with what is being delivered. From too many videos to topic overkill, young people tell us what to avoid.

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Do you want to develop 'gold standard' PSHCE?

Collaboration is key when developing excellent PSHCE. Schools in one of the Trusts we're working with share how they are working with Chameleon PDE and other organisations to move their programmes toward 'gold standard'.

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Keeping Children Safe in Education Updates for September 2020

DfE updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance for September 2020

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Training where you want, when you want

Flexible online training to avoid the dreaded twilight

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Assessment and Personal Development Education

Assessing pupils' personal development has always carried a certain degree of controversy and has often been avoided by schools because of the 'tricky' nature of assessing this subject. Now there is more emphasis on this type of assessment brought about by UK governments, so many schools are having to get to grips with it. This blog highlights Chameleon PDE's stance on assessment and why we feel our assessment system is easy, flexible and appropriate.

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