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Keeping Children Safe in Education Updates for September 2020

DfE updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance for September 2020

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Training where you want, when you want

Flexible online training to avoid the dreaded twilight

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Teaching Personal Development Education (PSHE / Health and wellbeing) in the current Covid climate

This blog discusses some of the issues we know that secondary and Post-16 settings are having with teaching personal development lessons in school during the current term. It also suggests how Chameleon PDE materials could be used to address these issues.

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Assessment and Personal Development Education

Assessing pupils' personal development has always carried a certain degree of controversy and has often been avoided by schools because of the 'tricky' nature of assessing this subject. Now there is more emphasis on this type of assessment brought about by UK governments, so many schools are having to get to grips with it. This blog highlights Chameleon PDE's stance on assessment and why we feel our assessment system is easy, flexible and appropriate.

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