Should I teach my students about the risks of alcohol or drug misuse?

Ages 13-14 ; Substances & emergency situations (aid)

In this pack we have aimed to give students lots of opportunities to identify potential risks that may result in emergency situations, think how risks
can be mitigated, and suggest ideas about what to do in an emergency involving drugs and/or alcohol. This is a better approach than presenting the 'answers' to them. We feel that much of the value of these activities will be in the discussion and suggestions put forward by the students as this is likely to make
the lesson more meaningful for them. This pack contains the following activities:

  • What's an emergency?
  • Spot the danger
  • Emergency continuum
  • Symptoms & signs of substance misuse
  • Emergency action!
  • Emergency situation
  • Keeping safe with substances

This resource includes the following files:
  • Ages 13-14 Substances & emergency situations (aid) V2 Dec 21
Lesson plans are flexible allowing for differentiation and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations can be edited according to your needs.
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