Scotland S1/S2 Health & wellbeing resource library

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Do you want to teach your PSE curriculum with confidence?

Guaranteed compliance and coverage of the national curriculum:
  • •CfE Health and Wellbeing (Scotland)
  • •PSHE Association programme of study

Each resource pack in our library contains:
  • •A minimum of 2 hours worth of activity choices, giving you 100's of hours of learning
  • •Detailed activity notes
  • •Fully editable PowerPoint presentations
  • •Templates, scenarios and games to support activities
  • •Optional homework
  • •Home learning resources
  • •Challenge activities for more able students/extension work
  • •Mapping and other guidance documents
  • •Assessment guidance

This puts you in the driving seat so you can build and tailor your health & wellbeing scheme of work to meet student need and your timetable.
You also get our How Are You? survey to use with one year group.

If you choose to stay with us, you can re-subscribe with a substantial loyalty bonus to retain access to the resource library (that we keep up to date), continued use of the How Are You? survey and any new activity packs we produce for the secondary curriculum.

This product includes the following resources:

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