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Updated Women's Safety pack

We have recently updated the Women's safety (Ages 14-16) library pack to take into account that legislation to make misogyny a hate crime has stalled.

How do we teach about misogyny without alienating boys? - Webinar recording now available for partner schools

The full recording of the sexual harassment and misogyny training session is now available to our partner schools (those with a current subscription). You can use the video to cascade the training in school and we can also provide you with the PowerPoint slides. Get in touch if you need any support.

How do we teach about misogyny without alienating boys?

Our latest lesson pack looks at the 'hot topic' of misogyny. Using best practice recommendations for facilitating this controversial issue through our usual range of short, medium and longer activities you and your team will have plenty at your finger tips to feel well prepared and confident. We have also produced some additional teacher notes and a 'spoof' toxic influencer video to help you deconstruct the manipulative messaging and psychological trickery used to 'hook' boys and young men into this disturbing rhetoric. If you haven't already attended our CPD accredited training on misogyny and sexual harassment you can book your place using the 'events' tab on the homepage.

Prioritising my mental health age 16-18

The above library pack has just been updated to remove references to lockdown. Videos have also been updated, so please discard your version 2 pack and replace with version 3.

Money matters 16-18 library pack - Updated

We've just updated the 'money matters' pack to include the changes announced in the autumn statement. If you're planning on doing any budgeting and finance work with your students please delete the old pack and use this one instead.

What I wish I'd known before starting university

Our latest blog has just been published. Written by a student starting second year at university, it gives a candid account of what life in first year was like and the many areas they wish they had known about before moving away from home. Useful reading for anyone working with the post-16 year group.

Is your PSHCE 'gold standard'?

Our latest blog gives examples of what two schools in a trust we are working with are doing to make sure their PSHCE is on a journey of continuous improvement.

Have you seen our updates and new additions?

We've added an icon to help you easily identify new additions to our resource library or packs that have been updated. Look out for the flames!

Ages 16-18 Understanding sexuality

Ages 16-18 Understanding sexuality pack has now been updated. Latest version - V3 March 22


We have just added a library pack about preparing to drive and driving safety. Available to download from now.

What's happening in Ukraine?

FREE lesson pack to help you talk to students about the current crisis in Ukraine. Available to all subscribers.

Looking for an easy to teach lesson plan about First Aid?

Look no further, we've just added a new teaching pack for our premium subscribers enabling them to create detailed, age-appropriate and enjoyable lessons about First Aid, without having to be a subject specialist.

Want to know how PSHE is being looked at by Ofsted/ ISI?

We've just published an article based on three schools feedback to us following school inspection this term (Autumn 21). PSHE is being looked at closely. We hope this information is helpful for Subject Leads- find the article by navigating to the About PSHE section on our website.

Updated young men & suicide pack

We have updated our library pack about Young men & suicide for ages 16-18, and Version 3 is now available. Please re-download if you are using older versions.

FREE teaching pack to support Covid vaccination programme for 12-15 year-olds

Do your students have questions about the Covid vaccination that is being offered to them? This free teaching pack gives you some activities to use in school to help inform them and consider whether they wish to have the jab. Subscribers will automatically receive this as part of their subscription. If you are not a subscriber you can create a free account, you'll then need to log in and download the pack from your dashboard.

Do you need some more resources to teach online safety?

We've just added the following pack to the Chameleon PDE resource library: Positive & respectful online relationships (Ages 12-13). This is now available for subscribers to download.

Contraception resources

Are you looking for accurate and up-to-date resources to teach contraception to your secondary school pupils? We've just uploaded some new packs to our resource library. Why not check out our PSHE, Citizenship and careers materials?

PSHE and Citizenship Assembly Theme Calendar 2021 - 2022

Looking for those key awareness days / weeks to use in your school assembly programme? We've just updated our annual calendar and it's free to download for anyone whose signed up with us on a free or premium account.

New resources on their way!

We and our new writing team been incredibly busy over the summer getting your resource requests written and ready for the new term. We've been focusing a lot on statutory RSHE content but also other packs such as Careers and Citizenship that our schools have requested. Today's recent addition to our resource library is a pack on animal welfare, that we co-produced with a student who has a particular passion about this topic. Why not check it out?

Women's safety

Our latest free lesson is on women's safety. With lots of coverage in the media we want to help you support this important area with your students. The lesson is aimed at 14 years upwards, but can be adapted to suit younger students.
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